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Complete program that will help you organize your car collections. ORGANIZER DELUXE brings together flexible data inventory features: Search, Replace, Sort, Table / Browser Viewers, Report / Label Wizards, HTML Generator Wizard, Backup, Scanner Support, Full Customization. DESIGNER DELUXE (included) allows you to easily create your customized car organizers.

Publisher description

Complete program that allows Car collectors, and hobbyists, Car dealers who want to create a "virtual car catalog", Individuals shopping for a new car who want to compare different cars to organize, catalog, and manage their collections on their PCs. ORGANIZER DELUXE - Easily View, Retrieve Information: Table Viewer, Browser Viewer, Record Viewer. Easily Process Data: Report Wizard, Label Wizard, HTML Generator Wizard. Web Ready: Supports browsers and email programs. Additional: Flexible Templates. Backup, Restore, Summary/Graphs, Network support, Search/Replace, Sort, Filter, Export/Import.. DESIGNER DELUXE - Customize Database: easily modify a default database template included in the demo package. Create Any Organizer: create a new detailed database (organizer) with virtually any kind of information.

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